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V I D E O     H I G H L I G H T S

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R o u n d  5

Video:  Rodger Smith follows up Phil Doherty's shot and slams it down with one hand.
612KB avi |

Video:  Rodger Smith makes the steal gives it Loggins who gives straight back for the dunk.
713KB avi |

Video:  Derek Rucker pulls up 25 feet away and burries the trey.
1.08MB avi |

Video:  Bruce Bolden finishes the game with a huge slam and takes part of the backboard with him.
634KB avi |

Video:  Simon Dwight gives to Bolden, gets it back and slams it all over the 36ers.
953KB avi |

Video:  CJ Bruton looks for an opening but is forced to take an extra turn around three but he nails it to send the game into Overtime.
876KB avi |

Video:  Clayton Ritter follows up Glen Saville's missed lay up with a two fisted tip jam.
767KB avi |

Video:  Ritter gets the inbounds pass and makes an amazing 360 one handed dunk.
550KB avi |

Video:  C.J Bruton is all alone on the fast break but Paul Maley sprints down court and swats away his shot.
504KB avi |

Video:  Troy Pilon drives down the middle of the key, takes off for the slam but is challenged and fouled by Matt Nielson. He turns backwards and throws up a prayer that drops.
2.17MB avi |

Video:  Melvin Thomas makes the steal and gives to Pilon before getting it back for the one hand rip.
681KB avi |

Video:  Jamie Pearlman throws the back door lob to Pero Vasiljevic who makes the athletic slam .
669KB avi |

Video:  Matt Nielson gets out in the open floor, Troy Pilon races back on defence but gets rewarded with a facial.
573KB avi |

R o u n d  4

Video:  Jamie Pearlman throws the lob pass to Pero Vasiljevic who throws it down with 2 hands.
385KB avi |

Video:  Pero Vasiljevic gets the dish from Troy Pilon and he rips it all over the Falcons defence.
642KB avi |

Video:  Terry Johnson makes the steal, gives to Pat Reidy who makes the extra pass to ben Melmeth who finishes.
551KB avi |

Video:  Rodger Smith gets the steal and goes all the way for the slam and the foul.
608KB avi |

Video:  Thaddeous Delaney picks off the pass and takes off the 'Jordan like' one handded dunk.
601KB avi |

Video:  Kelsey Weems crosses over and takes it at Ben Pepper and gets the 2 and the foul.
504KB avi |

Video:  Steve Woodberry crosses over on Ben Thompson, faking him out of his shoes, then he shoots the high teardrop over Dwight.
883KB avi |

Video:  With seconds remaining Steve Woodberry hits the long pull up three over Leigh Carlson.
809KB avi |

Video:  Andrew Gaze finishes the first quarter with a 24 foot trey to bring him up to 24 points.
388KB avi |

Video:  In an unbelievable play, Ricky Grace dishes off to Paul Rodger's elbow, and his elbow makes the two.
449KB avi |

Video:  Ben Pepper pounces on the loose ball and slams it home with two hands.
458KB avi |

R o u n d  3

Video:  Andrew Gaze throws the perfect back door lob to Lanard Copeland who throws it down.
526KB avi |

Video:  Melvin Thomas misses the open lay up but Pero Vasiljevic cleans it up.
940KB avi |

Video:  Marcus Timmons sails in to swat Troy Pilon's lay up against the glass.
1.88MB avi |

Video:  With 5 seconds left and the Hawks down by 2, C.J Bruton gets the inbound pass and makes an impossible leaner.
1.16MB avi |

Video:  C.J Bruton puts the game on ice with a tough lay up 12 seconds from the end of overtime.
642KB avi |

Video:  James Crawford, playing in his 500th game is rudely rejected by big Theron Wilson.
551KB avi |

R o u n d  2

Video:  Ben Melmeth gets the low post feed and he spins and slams on the Razorbacks defence.
526KB avi |

Video:  With 8 seconds left in regulation and the falcons traling by 3, Pat Reidy finds Terry Johnson in the corner and he hits the game tying trey.
940KB avi |

Video:  In Overtime and with scores tied, Terry Johnson finds his brother Rod, who wins it for Newcastle.
1.88MB avi |

Video:  Lanard Copeland picks Steve Woodberry's pocket then races down court for the one handed jam.
365KB avi |

Video:  Steve Woodberry takes it down court and makes the no look pass to Thaddeous Delaney who throws it down on Blair Smith and draws the foul.
675KB avi |

Video:  Matt Shanahan finds Thaddeous Delaney streaking down the middle and he slams it home.
595KB avi |

Video:  Brad Rosen sprints down court and hits Scott Mcgregor with a slick pass and he dunks it.
538KB avi |

Video:  Aaron Trahair brings it down, crosses over and nails the long trey.
801KB avi |

Video:  C.J Bruton beats the double team before driving down the lane, making the nice ball fake and getting 2 plus the foul.
1.96MB avi |

Video:  C.J Bruton gets two defenders off their feet and finds the big man Theron Wilson who rips it and knocks down Rob Rose.
646KB avi |

R o u n d  1

Video:  Simon Kerle misses the jumper but new import James Harper puts it back up to help the Crocs down the Bullets.
387KB avi |

Video:  Steve Woodberry swoops in from the right side, draws three players, takes the contact and makes the lay in.
2.15MB avi |

Video:  Thaddeous Delaney closes out the game with a monster slam.
728KB avi |

Video:  Thaddeous Delaney gets out in the open floor and makes the one handed dunk.
657KB avi |

Video:  It's showtime as Steve Woodberry and Leroy Loggins go behind the back to each other and leroy hits the jumper.
1.03MB avi |

Video:  In the play of the year so far, Ben Knight steals the ball and makes the one handed heave from his own three point line.
925KB avi |

Video:  Phil Doherty starts and finishes the break for the three point play.
799KB avi |

Video:  Cannons point guard Damien Ryan gets upstairs to throw out Matt Shanahan's lay up attempt.
550KB avi |

Video:  Dean Brogan drives the left side, takes off and makes the 2 plus the foul.
476KB avi |

Video:  John Rillie hits the huge three to give the West Sydney Razorbacks the win over the Kings.
1.75MB avi |

Video:  Bruce Bolden finds Simon Dwight underneath and he throws it down to break the game open for West Sydney.
905KB avi |

Video:  Aaron Trahair drives and makes the great pass to Alonzo Goldston who throws it down with one hand.
1.67MB avi |

Video:  Simon Dwight rejects Alonzo Goldston's dunk attempt.
749KB avi |

Video:  Lanard Copeland controls the loose ball, takes it down court then gives it off to Andrew Gaze who throws the lob to Marcus Timmons who throws it down.
987KB avi |

Video:  Marcus Timmons looks like a point guard as he grabs the rebound then goes the length of the floor to finish with the finger roll.
811KB avi |

Video:  Todd Lichti gets upstairs and sends back Mard Davis's lay up.
1.76MB avi |

Video:  Darnell Mee picks the pocket of Steve Black and slams 2 at the other end.
454KB avi |

Video:  Darnell Mee takes it off the Wildcat's Sidney Goodman and he gets 2 plus the foul.
551KB avi |

Highlights from the Last two Seasons can be found here.